Looking forward to 2015

We had a great time together in 2014 and there are so many people to thank: Paul and Matin at the Inninger Spectacel, the Village Crew in Habach. I’d especially like to thank Gundi Herget, who I’ve played with for so many years now; and Ron Patton, my new friend and Saxophone player from the USA. Most of all a shout-out to Julian Sareyka – our bass player of the last few years. He has now left the band to move on to other things. We’ll miss you.

One major development for 2015 is the new band name “The Chuck Heard Band”. After years as “Chuck Heard the Blues” it more or less became clear that we weren’t really a “blues band” in the traditional sense – and that confused some people (me too after a while). The blues is a very important part of the music and makes up the foundation of many of the songs, but the new material branches out in so many different directions, stylistic labels were just too restricting.

As things develop in 2015 and we have more gigs to report, I’ll let you all know.

Take care


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