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The latest from the world of the Chuck Heard Band

The Chuck Heard Band is Now in Potsdam

After moving from Bavaria to Brandenburg, the Chuck Heard Band has reformed as a trio with top pros from the Berlin/Potsdam area. On the drums is the outstanding Holger Brandt. On the Bass, the master of groove Marek Kaszuba. We are rehearsing for shows and will keep you up to date as soon as we have something scheduled.

Thanks Alfonsos

On the 1st of May, we had the honor of playing at Alfonsos … for the last time. Alfonsos is closing their doors for good. Nothing lasts forever and all good things come to an end, but this one hurts.

What does it mean to lose a club that promotes live music seven days a week? As we started our second set, two young women came in and sat at the bar. After the show, they asked for my autograph on some posters of the gig. I’m not famous, so I asked what they were doing in Munich. One said, she had visited Alfonsos six years ago on holiday, and just had to come back and see it again. I didn’t mention it would be the last time, should she ever return again. As I said, all good things come to and end and this one hurts.

T’was the Night Before Christmas

“T’was the night before Christmas …” Thanks to Eric and Paul for my fifth invitation to play at the Christmas charity event “Before Christmas Session” nearby my hometown. Being able to raise money for a good cause makes me happy. 

A special thanks to Bernhard (CHB drummer), Peter (ACats bassman) and Tanja (singer extraordinaire) for making our show a success. CU next year! … and next year … and next …

Finally met “Big Al”

It was an honor and and a privilege to finally play at Alfonsos in Munich. So many great players have graced that very small stage. As is most often the case, we got the chance to meet some new friends both in the audience and behind the scenes. Hope to see you all again soon.

Craft and Beer at the Ammersee

A very special thank you to Klaus, Martin and Uli at the Craft Bräu in Dießen! This is a very special and wonderful location at the Ammersee. If you are in the area on a Tuesday or Thursday night and want to meet some wonderful people (and have some wonderful craft beer), then stop by. You won’t be disappointed. We are hoping to play there again in 2017. We’ll keep you posted.

A Late Night of Art and Music

Just got back from a fantastic and very late night of art and music – a special annual event in Pfaffenhofen (north of Munich) with exhibitions, performances and of course lots and lots of music!

Thanks to Günter and Carla (and the entire team) at Stegerbräu’s Soundkeller in Pfaffenhoffen. This was one of our best gigs yet, and it was such a pleasure to play there. We met so many wonderful, nice, friendly people: Elisabeth, Kermit, Michael, Klaus, Peter. We can’t wait to play for you again sometime soon!

It Takes a Village

If there is one location I really love playing, it is the Village in Habach. For the last several years I’ve been a regular at the Thursday night jam sessions. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful, nice people there, so when I show up with the CHB, it’s like a homecoming.

More than a homecoming, it’s a privilege, because so many top stars of the blues/rock scene have graced the Village stage. You can feel their energy when you plug in and start play. Thanks again to Dieter and the whole Village team, and especially to “With a Capital X” who made the night one to remember.

Good Vibes at Räsonanz

A while back I moved out to the countryside. To get away from the big city stress and all that … you know. Since then I’ve alway wanted to play my music for the hometown crowd in my village. The local Kulturverein “Räsonanz” called just at the right time and offered me a spot at one of their locations. I had the chance to play for some people I already knew and meet a lot of new friends I didn’t know. Now when I walk down the street I’ve got my head held high!

Thank you WeyHalla

Thanks so much to Girgl, the WeyHalla Team, and especially the wonderful people of Weyarn who came out to see us last Saturday. We had so much fun playing for you. The house was rocking. And because it was so much fun, Girgl has invited us back next year on 1 April 2017, together with our good friends Gooseberry. We can’t wait to see you again!

New Songs & New Shows for 2016

We are very busy right now working on new songs for our upcoming shows. We’ve got some exiting new material that we’d love to play for you. Check out our list of shows for April and May on the “Concerts” page. We’d love to see you there!