Monthly Archives: May 2016

It Takes a Village

If there is one location I really love playing, it is the Village in Habach. For the last several years I’ve been a regular at the Thursday night jam sessions. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful, nice people there, so when I show up with the CHB, it’s like a homecoming.

More than a homecoming, it’s a privilege, because so many top stars of the blues/rock scene have graced the Village stage. You can feel their energy when you plug in and start play. Thanks again to Dieter and the whole Village team, and especially to “With a Capital X” who made the night one to remember.

Good Vibes at Räsonanz

A while back I moved out to the countryside. To get away from the big city stress and all that … you know. Since then I’ve alway wanted to play my music for the hometown crowd in my village. The local Kulturverein “Räsonanz” called just at the right time and offered me a spot at one of their locations. I had the chance to play for some people I already knew and meet a lot of new friends I didn’t know. Now when I walk down the street I’ve got my head held high!