Monthly Archives: June 2015

Weilheim Stadttheater

We have a very interesting concert coming up on Friday, 26 June 2015, 8:00pm in the Weilheim Stadttheater. We will be playing together with the Markus Vetter Band.

This is not one of the usual club gigs we do (which I love). Rather, this is a large, luxurious, expansive concert hall with a huge stage. I hope I don’t get lost up there 😀

Come on out, we’d love to see you there

Village People

Thanks again to Dieter and the Village Team in Habach. We had another great time playing two sets. Some special friends from the Village jam sessions sat in with us a a couple of John Mayer classics: Philipp Kuhne (voice) and Markus Vetter (guitar). I can’t wait to do that again!